Follow the steps below to create your order!

1. Once you’ve found something you like, select the item's Size and Quantity by tapping on their respective drop down fields. After making the necessary changes, tap on Add To Cart to store the item in your order basket. 

2. By clicking on the Review My Cart button in the cart drawer, you are redirected to your cart page where you can make any last changes to the items in your order. 

3. In the cart page, you will be greeted by our address finder popup. Please complete you delivery address here by selecting from the respective drop down menus. This is to avoid your orders being put on hold due to wrong/incomplete shipping information. If you accidentally exit out before completing your details, click on "Find your Location" for it to reappear. 

4. Click "Use" and tick the box indicating you agree with our site's Terms and Conditions for your order to proceed to checkout. 

5. In the checkout page, your shipping details are automatically filled based on the information you selected in the address finder. Complete the rest of the Customer Information section by entering your contact number (mobile number). Once done, tap on "Continue to shipping method" and review the Shipping address you have entered (you can still make changes by tapping on Change). 

6. Once you "Continue to payment method," You will be asked to select from GCash, Credit/Debit Card Payments and COD (cash-on-delivery). Tapping the radio button at the left side will mark your choice. For your billing address, you can choose between "same as shipping address" or "use a different billing address."  

7. You will be immediately notified if your payment was successfully made (for GCash and Credit/Debit card payments). Once successful, an order confirmation email will be sent to let you know that you're all set. Don't forget to select the method on which you will get notified about your order(s): email or SMS.